It’s Not About the Money, By Gail Watt, Mayor of Daysland

In Flagstaff Region, for many years collaboration and consultation have created successful programming for the citizens. Waste Management, Flagstaff Family and Community Services, Christmas Sharing program, Flagstaff Regional Housing, Emergency Services, Physician Recruitment and Disaster Training are just some of the excellent examples of how our collaboration benefits the communities.

So if the past is the best predictor of the future, it appears that we have an excellent road map to follow.

As Mayor and Councillor for the past four years, I have watched elected officials DECIDE to work together – not for the money, not for the fame, but for the reason of making this a better place for our citizens.

We have acknowledged the past hardships in relationships, today. We want to move on past what we were and become more than what we are meant to be.

We know everyone in the Region wants more and better services, as do we in Daysland. Becoming aware that we can control our destiny is the first step in actually controlling our destiny.

We want to become Daysland, where people want to belong. Daysland’s identity is assured to carry-on, and we aspire to welcome new people to create that economic future, to inspire community leaders, to come forward enjoying closer relationships throughout our region.

My personal advice in my Regional Governance Training Group has been: “We are not marrying for money”.

So come on, join in these conversations, surveys and interactions. Help us become Daysland, one of the best neighbours we can be.