Clear Themes Emerging From Community Open Houses

Clear Themes Emerging From Community Open Houses

-Direction of Communities Collaboration Initiative taking shape-

November 4, 2016 – For immediate release

Early consultation shows the region’s residents are concerned about retaining community identity, would like to see closer relationships between communities and just want to get on with finding an appropriate solution, as three open houses for the Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership (FIP) Communities Collaboration Initiative are complete.

“Judging by the great attendance at the open houses, it’s clear people in the region care deeply about their communities and neighbours,” said Bob Coutts, Deputy Mayor of Forestburg and FIP Chair. “The conversations have been positive and robust, and I look forward to hearing more as we continue with the public engagement phase of the initiative.”

Two of the open houses in Alliance and Strome were led by FIP and took place in early-November, while a community-led open house was held in Hardisty late-October.  Two additional open houses are scheduled in Heisler and Hardisty on November 19th.

“Elected officials in the region need the public’s input to make a decision based on what people want, not what individual councils want,” said Anita Miller, Mayor of Hardisty. “I encourage everyone to get involved – attend an open house, talk to your councilors or submit your opinions through the website.”

Members of the public can download an information package or pick a copy up at their local municipal office. If people are unable to attend an open house, feedback can be given through the website as well.

The Flagstaff Communities Collaboration Initiative is exploring creative opportunities through greater regional collaboration. Using input from citizens and community leaders, its goal is to develop a new vision for the region to help it become more successful over the long-term. It is expected to be completed in December 2017.

The Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership is a committee comprised of representatives from all municipalities within the Flagstaff Region: the Towns of Daysland, Hardisty, Killam and Sedgewick, the Villages of Alliance, Forestburg, Heisler and Lougheed, and Flagstaff County.

For more information, contact:

Bob Coutts

Chair, Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership

Email: Phone: 780-679-4721